Promunch Roasted Soya Snack | Cheese & Onion 150g | 48% Protein | Ready To Eat | Healthy Snacks


About this item

  • Promunch is a crunchy and your munchy pal, roasted, and ready-to-eat healthy vegan soya snack and is borne out of our persistence to maintain a healthy diet and make a tasty snack at the same time.
  • Quantity: Promunch Cheese & Onion 150g Total Weight: 150gm.
  • Promunch contains 48% protein and as part of a healthy and nutritious diet, it is important to ensure that we get a sufficient amount of protein in our meals. Soya is one of the best plant-based sources available.
  • Protein is a crucial part of our diet as it grows, repairs, and makes new cells in our body.
  • Rich with Vitamins & Minerals, keeps you fuller for longer, controls your hunger pangs, and helps you manage weight.
  • A perfect healthy snack to munch on any time of the day, post-workout / yoga, in between long working hours, with your favorite drink, while you travel / hike, binge-watch an interesting movie.
  • This product is made in a safe and well-sanitized plant, which is certified by Halal, FSSC, Kosher, ISO, FDA,Valid IT, FSSAI. Promunch doesn’t compromise with hygiene and purity.
  • Also available in different flavors – Peri-Peri and Noodle Masala.
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